The Top 3 Ways To Stop Tooth Decay In Kids

Tooth decays largely preventable but remains a massive health problem worldwide.  A study out on England found that 25% of 5 year olds had experienced tooth decay! Keeping kids teeth healthy is very important and the UK government has released some really good information about how to stop tooth decay in kids teeth.

A study in 2015 in England, a quarter (25%) of 5 year olds had experienced tooth decay, having on average 3 or 4 teeth affected. The vast majority of tooth decay was untreated. UK HEALTH

Kids teeth can be particularly susceptible to decay – particular when kids do not brush! When kids do not brush their teeth they can end up needing extractions. Not a fun procedure for a kid to go through. In the UK tooth extraction was the sixth most common procedure in hospital for children under 5 years of age. It was the most common reason for hospital admission for children aged 5 to 9 years old.

The Top Three Ways To Stop Tooth Decay in Kids

The three best ways to stop kids teeth decay as put forward by the UK Government are

  1. Reduce the consumption of foods and drinks that contain sugar
  2. Brush the kids teeth twice daily AND after brushing DONT RINSE
  3. Visit the dentist when the first tooth erupts (helps the kids get used to the dentist and also find problems early!)

Of these, the most interesting and important is diet. The secret to healthy kids teeth comes through the food they eat! Children (in the UK) are eating 2-3 times the recommended amount of sugar each day.

Some other specific tips they give are

  • reduce the quantity and frequency of foods and drinks that contain sugar, only give sweet foods and dried fruit at mealtimes
  • squashes sweetened with sugar, fizzy drinks, soft drinks and juice drinks have no place in a child’s daily diet
  • limit the amount of fruit juice and smoothies your child drinks to a maximum of 150 ml (1 portion) in total per day and drink it with meals to reduce the risk of tooth decay
  • always ask for sugar-free medicines


How do your kids go with toothbrushing? Any tips you find helpful to keep your kids teeth sparkling?

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