Top 21 Funniest Wisdom Teeth Memes

The third set of molars are known as the Wisdom teeth. Despite their name, these teeth can be downright stupid – and can grow impacted or out of position. It is very common for people to need to have their wisdom teeth removed by a dentist or oral surgeon. Ouch!

I have put together a collection of wisdom tooth memes submitted via Instagram as the TOP 20 Wisdom Teeth Memes – share with a friend who is recovering! Humour can be the best medicine*** (and salt water rinse and soft foods and painkillers).

Wisdom teeth are famous all around the world as they cause all kinds of trouble. Having wisdom teeth out is one of the most common surgeries people can have – particularly in the mouth. Because wisdom teeth are in the mouth, they can be uncomfortable to recover from after you have had them out – hopefully this list of memes will make you or your loved on feel better while they recover!

If you are suffered with an impacted wisdom tooth you may have had on and off discomfort, pain or smell from your wisdom teeth for months or years before they are removed. What a frustrating set of teeth!

Not everyone needs their wisdom teeth out though – some of us have enough space and the wisdom teeth will grow in normally. They can be perfectly good teeth! When there is enough space.


21 Funniest Wisdom Teeth Memes

  1. When your teeth don’t communicate with each other. The least they could do is help each other out!

sweet tooth wisdom tooth meme

2. “Just a little swelling expected”

chipmunk wisdom teeth meme

3.  When your girlfriend turns into a character after wisdom teeth removal! (At least she didn’t turn into Shrek!)

charming wisdom tooth meme

4. When it comes to wisdom teeth it sure doesn’t pay to be a smart mouth! A meaner wisdom teeth meme to share.

dr evil wisdom teeth meme

5. An actaully pretty accurate depiction what it is like to have wisdom teeth out. The procedure is usually better than you could imagine! The reality is much better than the expectations.

story of wisdom teeth meme

6. “Back in my day – we were built tougher! We didn’t use ANY anaesthetic and the dentist got tired and made me finish taking the tooth out myself!” steak dinner wisdom teeth meme


7. When it is time to have your wisdom teeth out…nintendo wisdom teeth meme

8. When your wisdom teeth are trolling you. Why do they even grow at impacted angles like that! Rude.


9. When you are grumpy after having your wisdom teeth out #havesomeicecream #andpainkillers

wisdom teeth meme grumpy cat

10. At least they are showing a little remorse for the all the trouble they give you! Wisdom tooth apologising for causing so much hassle to the next tooth back (12 year old molar next door).

cute wisdom teeth meme

11. When you get another procedure while you are numb or asleep… Multitasking!face tattoo wisdom teeth meme

12. It could be worse – it could’ve been over the Christmas break!fail kid meme wisdom teeth

13. When you are aged 16-24 and start to feel some discomfort at the back of your mouth… haha.

brace yourself wisdom teeth meme

14. You gotta take the small wins after having wisdom teeth out!success wisdom teeth meme


15.  When you have four less problems… but still plenty of problems.

wisdom teeth meme 99 problems

16. Wisdom teeth really are some of the best trolls out there!

wisdom tooth troll meme

17. Wisdom teeth  – obviously not THAT wise

wisdom tooth meme stupid

18. A supportive greedily wisdom teeth meme featuring the kind and caring Mr Ryan Gosling. You might need this after having the teeth out.

Ryan gosling wisdom tooth meme

19. When you are super swollen after having wisdom teeth out…

funny wisdom teeth meme

20. When someone filmed you coming out of anaesthetic after having wisdom teeth out… WHAT DID I SAY?

wisdom tooth video meme

Does Everyone Have Four Wisdom Teeth?

Not everyone has four wisdom teeth. Some people have fewer – and only an x-ray can be used to tell how many you may have. Ask your dentist at your next visit if you want to find out for yourself.

Some people have no wisdom teeth – some people are very fortunate and are actually born without any wisdom teeth! These lucky people have no risk of wisdom tooth impaction or pain from their wisdom teeth. They also get to avoid surgery!

Some people have two, three, or one wisdom tooth instead of the four – It is not unusual for people to have an odd number of wisdom teeth.

Some people have EXTRA wisdom teeth – there are a few extra wise people who actually have extra wisdom teeth. They have a normal set of wisdom teeth – then an additional set even further back! This is quite uncommon but I have encountered it many times in my career as a general family dentist. I have taken out eight wisdom teeth on on patient! Luckily the second set of wisdom teeth are typically much smaller and are easy to remove in needed.

Why Do People Have Wisdom Teeth Out?

There are a variety of common reasons that the removal of wisdom teeth can be indicated. Some of the most common reasons are

  1. The wisdom teeth might be damaging other teeth
    • When wisdom teeth are impacted or growing through at an angle, they can cause damage to the tooth next door. They can burrow into the tooth or press too tightly against the neighbouring tooth which can cause permanent damage.
    • They can also trap food and enamel destroying bacteria close to the tooth next door. This can result in decay or permanent damage to the adjacent teeth.
  2. There might not be enough space in your mouth. This can effect tooth alignment.
    • If there is not enough space in the jaw for the wisdom teeth, teeth can become crowded and move
    • Tooth alignment is very important and sometimes wisdom teeth can effect the crowded space and need to be removed
  3. The wisdom teeth are decaying
    • If there is tooth decay in a wisdom tooth – it can be a serious problem!
    • A decaying tooth can give severe toothache if left untreated
    • Decay is usually fixed by placing a filling – but placing a filling in a wisdom tooth is sometimes not possible due to the angles and space and impaction
    • If left untreated, the decay can actually cause an abscess or jaw infection beneath a tooth. This can be very painful and even life threatening
  4. Inflamed gums caused by the wisdom teeth
    • An impacted wisdom tooth is often associated with gum soreness
    • Swollen inflamed gums can be really stinky, and give bad breath
    • Inflamed gums are caused by trapped bacteria – impacted wisdom teeth are often no possible to clean
  5. Sinus problems or jaw damage caused by wisdom teeth impaction
    • Catching wisdom teeth problems early using x-rays will help avoid more serious long term damage that can happen


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