Dr Kit is an Aussie dentist who likes to talk teeth! From root canals to toothbrushing, veneers to flossing – teeth are fascinating and worth finding more about!

Dr Kit has been involved in the dental world for over a decade, and still loves to talk about and chat teeth daily! That is why he founded teethfaq.com the Teeth Blog to share general information and teeth and dentistry with patients.

He works full time in General Dental practice in Australia. From extractions through to veneers, the scope of general practice is broad and there are many complicated factors that can effect such an important part of our body.

Dr Kit writes “Every work day I deal with people who just want to know more about what is going on in their mouth and how they can improve their oral health. I try to answer all of their questions – and I wanted to share some common answers here too.”

“Many modern day dentists are friendly and approachable – so I encourage you to find one locally that can help you!

In addition to Dr Kit, guest writers with interest in healthcare and other dentists have also contributed articles to teethfaq.com.

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