Videos Showing How Braces Are Put On

Hey everyone! Getting braces can be a wonderful way to improve your smile, look and feel happier, and improve the health of your mouth. I thought I would share some videos that show how orthodontists or dentist put braces onto teeth. These videos show how braces are put on.

Getting braces put on does not hurt, and can happen pretty quickly! In this first video a young girl get her set of braces put on. The video shows how braces are put on. These first videos show traditional braces, not invisible braces like Invisalign.

How Braces Are Put On

That first video made it look easy! Check out this second video of how to put braces on, it happens in real time so it takes about ten minutes for this longer video.

This second video also shows how braces are put on. Check it out to see that the process is pretty similar for the two girls! They will be on their way to a happy health smile in no time. Watch how even though the process can look a little funny, its quick and easy and is not painful. Once you have the braces on, people often wonder do braces hurt. Find out if braces hurt here!

How Are Invisible Braces Done?

But what about Invisalign? I will find some videos showing how invisible braces work and how they figure out what your teeth can look like with invisible braces. Comment if you have had braces put on before!

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