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6 Effective Natural Cures For Bad Breath

No-one likes stinky breath. However we will all experience it at some point in our lives! In fact almost 35-45% of us have bad breath chronically (all the time) according to the boffins at the Bad Breath Institute (source)

When you are dating – having bad breath is one of the biggest “turn-offs” according to a post shared by the dating website Match.com. They cite a study that says a majority of young people have pulled out of a kiss or “intimate moment” because the other person had bad breath. Eww!

Today I wanted to share some the natural ways that some people are using foods and nature to control or cure their bad breath. Some of these options are also said to take normal breath and make them smell BETTER than average!

If you have morning breath or stink breath in general, it may help to look beyond the mouth rinse and super strength toothpaste and try out a natural cure for bad breath.

Six Natural Cures For Stinky Breath

Want to avoid harsh chemical but also keep a “fresh” “kiss ready” mouth? Here are Eight natural ways that some people use to keep their breath smelling great.

Cure One: The magic of fibre – eat more apples!

Roughage and fibre go a long way to actually cleaning your teeth as we snack throughout the day. Other vegetables are great too – and can have other health benefits that will further naturally improve your breath.

  • Green or Red: it doesn’t matter. Eating a crisp apple will act as a sweet smelling natural toothbrush! The fruit will clean your teeth and take away a lot of the stinky bacteria (plaque) that cause bad breath
  • It doesn’t just have to be apples, other crunchy vegetables or fibre rich food like celery or capsicum will work also as kickass natural toothbrushes.

Other foods like grains and carbohydrates also contain plenty of fibre – however we need to be careful to manage the total sugar intake when we eat fibre. Good or healthy sugars like those found in fruit area great for our health. Simple sugars found in some dense carbohydrates are not good for us- and the bacteria that can cause bad breath will eat these sugars. In general, eating a low sugar diet is important to  maintain health breath.

Cure Two: Boring Old Water

You need to hydrate to operate ! (your saliva)

It can seem overly simple, and many people don’t like to be told – but one of the most common causes of bad breath is people who do not drink enough natural pure filtered water. I have seen many people completely resolve their bad breath naturally by increasing how much unflavoured water they drink.

  • If you are dehydrated – your breath will be worse. The lack of saliva will cause the bad stinky bacteria to multiply.
  • Solve this problem by upping your water intake and staying on top of your hydration.
  • Consider this especially after exercise, sport, or yard work!
  • Stick with unflavoured water – even if the flavoured water is sugar free! We need a neutral pH and no additional chemicals to naturally improve your breath

Cure Three: Powerful Vegetables

Fight against odour causing ketones using the power of fresh produce

Certain vegetables will have an impact on stinky breath and naturally improve even the worst morning breath. Eating more vegetables in general will make your Mom proud and also improve your overall health!

Most of us eat fatty foods and unhealthy snacks more often than we should. This can really impact on your overall breath and give us bad breath via the stomach and digestion pathways.

Give your digestive system a break and feed it one of the cleanest fuels your engine can process – fresh vegetables.

  • Many vegetables are said to improve gut health and naturally improve bad breath – mostly odourless green leafy vegetables and peppers
  • You can eat these raw or cooked – but steer clear of strong flavouring if you are trying ti improve digestion and reboot your bad breath
  • Some people say that fatty foods will break down and cause ketones (a by-product of digestion). They say that these then cause bad breath by lurking in your stomach and causing bad odour
  • So fix your breath from within (your stomach) by eating healthy foods that help with digestion and keep those ketones at bay

coffee and caffeine can give you bad breath
Cure Four: Kill the Caffeine 

AKA Cut the Coffee/Lose the Latte/Escape the Espresso/Drop the Drip…

This is a tough on for coffee lovers like myself f- but if you are having trouble with your breath you should decrease your caffeine intake as much as possible until your breath naturally improves.

  • Caffiene is a kickass stimulant, but the smell, acids and additives are a nightmare for your already stinky breath. Skip them till you get the situation under control
  • If you are going to use juices as a replacement, consider the sugar content and try to look for natural or homemade juices. This can also benefit your digestion and improve your breath at the same time as reducing caffeine intake.

Cure Five: Chew on Mint

Plenty of my patients swear by this classic cure – go back to the source and chew on some natural mint leaves. When you think of clean fresh breath you think of toothpaste or minty flavour – if you are going to mask the bad breath you may as well use organic and natural options instead of gum or mouthrinse with chemicals and artificial mint flavouring.

  • It is literally natural chewing gum! Masks bad odour.
  • Chewing on mint leaves does replace the odour with a peppery mint odour though. Will this be the lesser of two evils for you?
  • There is anecdotal evidence chewing mint can change the bacteria present in the mouth and improve bad breath – though little to no scientific back up at this time

Extra Herbal Cure: Chew on Parsley !?

Ok this one is for the brave… but the science behind it is great!

If mint isn’t your thing – give parsley a try! There is some evidence it can boost your breath by fighting agains the sulfur cases of bad breath. If you are brave enough to chew on raw parsley leaves, you will be in for a breath boost!👌🏽

  • Parsely contains natural chemicals that fight against the sulfur causes of bad breath
  • If you are struggling with bad breath this is the main tip to give a go.

Bad Breath Cure Six: Probiotics

For gut health and promoting the right type of bacteria to grow and multiply in the oral cavity.

Bad breath has to start somewhere, and for many of his it starts int eh stomach and then reverses up to the mouth. This is why incasing vegetable content and fibre are such effective ways at naturally curing bad breath.

  • Don’t let odours start in your stomach – maintain your gut health and balance to eliminate this cause of bad breath

BONUS TIP: Use a tongue scraper

Of all the natural ways to improve bad breath, nothing beats the old fashioned removal of stinky unwanted bacteria from the mouth. I find a surgical steel tongue scraper in combination with natural changes like those listed above is the most effective way to improve breath quickly, cheaply, and without relying on chemicals. See my favourites below!

  • Ok a tongue scraper is not a natural food – but it is a simple easy and holistic way to clear away stinky tongue bacteria. Strongly recommend!

What Are The Best Products To Help With Stinky Breath

Finding the root cause of the bad breath is always the most important part. Your dentist or doctor can help you. If the bad breath is coming from bacteria and germs that are coating your teeth, tongue, and gums in between your teeth – then both natural remedies and quality cleaning devices can really help to improve bad breath.

Taking a natural approach to treating bad breath means you want to avoid producing ts like mouth rinses or strongly medicated toothpastes or mints – and rely on nature and technology to cure your bad breath without additional chemicals.

I have found the following three products work the best for patients who suffer form bad breath caused by germs and bacteria on the teeth, gums or around their mouth.

  1. A Tongue Scraper made of Surgical Steel

The best product is the cheapest! A surgical steel tongue scraper is an incredibly effective way to reduce bad breath if it is caused by bacteria build up on our tongues! Many patients find the tongue scraper makes ALL the difference and can cure their bad breath by removing more of the bacteria and germs that build up on the tongue.

It is incredibly easy to use (you scrap the smooth steel across the tongue) and you will be surprised by the amount of debris that is cleared away! A tongue scraper does not hurt. It is fine for all adults to use a tongue scraper, and most children are okay to use the tongue scraper under direct adult supervision.

  • Tongue scrapers are easy to use, painless and cheap
  • They can drastically improve or naturally cure bad breath without chemicals
  • They are safe to use for all ages (children under supervision)
  1. An incredible quality but also affordable electric toothbrush

Oral-B make an affordable and well regarded electric toothbrush that can really help to get your teeth extra clean and prevent stinky breath simply by removing the bacteria that can contribute to bad breath. The Oral-B 1000 toothbrush is used by millions world-wide – and check the excellent Amazon ratings for this classic powered brush.

I have hundreds of patients who use Oral-B electric toothbrushes and if you are looking to make the switch to electric. Toothbrush to help cure your bad breath naturally, then this is an excellent entry level brush.

  • Electric toothbrushes clean as well or better than traditional toothbrushes
  • Many people find the teeth feel cleaner
  • Effectively removing germs and bacteria with a powerful electric toothbrush can naturally cure or improve bad breath regardless of the type of toothpaste being used
  • Can be used effectively by almost everyone
  • Times two minutes worth of brushing to ensure consistent deep removal of bad breath causing germs
  • Used correctly, electric toothbrushes do not harm teeth or cause sensitivity
  1. Chemical-free Way To Clean In Between the Teeth

Germs and bacteria that can cause bad breath lurk not only on teeth or the tongue – but also in the gums and in the pockets between the teeth. It is important to have a powerful and efficient way to clean in between the teeth. To get a natural cure for bad breath, many of my patients look to the simple answer of floss.

However, many people are not suited to floss – and can have troubles when they try to use it. If floss is uncomfortable for you to use. A water flosser is a great option for these people – and the WaterPik is the most commonly available and highly rated device in this area.

Many of my patients use this brand of machine to help clear germs and bacteria from in between their teeth, It is easy to use, and most importantly does not hurt to use. The powerful jet of water can be difficult to get use to however, and it best used in the bathroom or shower as it can make a fair mess as you learn.

  • Water flossing does not hurt
  • Water flossing is easy to learn
  • Removing the plaque and germs from between teeth can naturally reduce bad breath to a huge extent
  • BUT water flossing can make a mess
  • It is difficult to travel with a water flosser

Bad Breath Conclusions

Almost all of us will experience chronic bad breath at some point. Whether it is just for a day or two or months at at time, it can really have an impact on how we interact with others. You shouldn’t need to feel embarrassed about your breath! By following the natural remedies above in combination with tried and tested mechanical removal of odour causing germs and bugs using an electric toothbrush, a tongue scraper and something to clean in between the teeth – you should be able to naturally improve or cure the bad breath associated with these issues.

If the stinky breath persists – you need to consult your dentist or doctor for some advice ! And let them know you have already tried all the basic methods and remedies available.

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