The Top 6 Causes of Bad Breath

Having stinky breath is pretty terrible. Everyone will suffer from it at some point in their life. For some people though, the problem is chronic – they have it all the time!

For these people it is very important to figure out the causes of bad breath.

In fact a group calling themselves the Bad Breath Institute claims that 35-45% of people suffer from chronic bad breath ! (source)

Having bad breath can impact badly on your life. It effects others around you, at work and at home. In particular people worry about bad breath when dating!

The popular dating website Match.com reported that the majority of daters had “backed out of a kiss” because their date had bad breath! What a deal breaker! (source)

So What Are the Top 6 Causes of Bad Breath?

Bad breath (also known as halitosis) has the following major causes.

  • Dental Causes of Bad breath
    • Gum disease – gum recession pocketing trapping plenty of batters
    • Decay – holes in teeth causing odour as they rot
    • Poor oral hygiene – allowing huge amounts of bacteria to form stinky colonies (plaque)
    • Wisdom tooth infection before or after extraction
  • Smoking tobacco or marijuana use
    • Traditional cigarettes and pipe smoking can bad breath
    • Even the use of e-cigarettes, vaping and bongs can give rise to bad breath
  • Dry mouth – lack of saliva is a very common cause of bad breath
    • Caused by medical condition, stress, alcohol or medicines
    • Taking multiple medicines often increases the likelihood of bad breath
  • Acid reflux (also known as heartburn)
    • Acid reflux causing bad breath can be worse at night times
  • Post nasal discharge  – due to illness or chronic in inflammation.
    • This is a common cause of bad breath for people who have chronic sinusitis.
  • Food is an extremely common cause of bad breath – but typically these are the easiest to manage.
    • Garlic is the most famous odour food that causes bad breath
    • Onions and tunafish are also famous for their bad breath odours
    • Easiest to remedy – brush your teeth!

Different Names for Bad Breath

Bad breath goes by many stinky smells, and just as many names.

For centuries bad breath has been described by suffering friends and coworkers and has many different and sometimes colourful descriptions.

The most common and official name for bad breath is halitosis. 

Halitosos (noun)  – An unpleasant odor from the mouth, commonly referred to as bad breath

Other terms to refer to bad breath include

  • foul breath
  • morning breath
  • dragon breath
  • fetor ex ore (Latin – foul smell from the mouth ewww)
  • offensive breath
  • sour breath
  • Bromopnea (greek for stinky breath)

Luckily for those of us suffering from DRAGON BREATH or FETOR EX ORE – there are natural and dental cures for bad breath.

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