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I Have Loose Teeth During Invisalign Is This OK?

Invisalign and other clear aligner braces are the invisible way to make crooked teeth straight.

You change the aligners to new aligners every week or two. Bit by bit the teeth are pushed into their new positions.

Goodbye crowding, hello straight teeth!

The process of the teeth moving with Invisalign however can sometimes make the teeth feel loose.

Loose Teeth During Invisalign

Question: I’ve been wearing my Invisalign for three weeks now almost 24/7 and now two of my front teeth are loose!? Help!

Dr Kit: I get asked this all the time. You are not alone in worrying about loose teeth during your Invisalign treatment!

First up, great work wearing your Invisalign diligently! Your persistence will pay off and help your teeth straighten properly. 

Teeth do often get loose when they are being moved by braces or Invisalign

Mildly wobbly or loose teeth may actually be a great sign that the Invisalign is working! 

The Invisalign gently loosens your teeth and then guides them into the correct position. So teeth do get loose sometimes when they are being actively straightened.

Invisalign Official Position on Loose Teeth

Invisalign themselves posted this message to Facebook about loose teeth during treatment.

Invisalign say that “Feel a loose tooth? Don’t panic this is common. As your aligners gradually shift your teeth into their proper position, your gums are reforming around each tooth as it moves. SOURCE: Invisalign Facebook

The looseness goes away when the teeth are maintained in their new position.

In the meantime, patients sometimes choose to eat softer foods during times the teeth are loose. Typically the loose teeth don’t remain loose for long. 

If your teeth are sore during Invisalign there are a few things you should do.

The body and jaw strengthens their grip on the tooth and all returns to normal.

Once straightened, Invisalign results can last permanently.

Excessively Loose Teeth During Invisalign Treatment

If the teeth are excessively mobile or the wobble stays around longer than you expect – there may be a problem. If you have this problem you should speak to your dentist ASAP!

Common causes of loose teeth during Invisalign treatment are

  • Excessive grinding on the trays
  • Gum disease
  • Root resorption
  • Lack of bony support
  • Occlusal trauma (biting where not supposed to)

These can be identified and corrected by your treating dentist.


If wobbliness of teeth is significant or worrying you, then you need to speak to your dentist or orthodontist. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

However slightly loose teeth as the Invisalign shifts the teeth into their new straight position is normal. 

Too get the best results with Invisalign keep your trays extra clean and get rid of yellow stain and wear your retainers for at least 22 hours per day (NOT JUST AT NIGHT!)

Cover Image: invisalign-a3 by stellahyc910 licensed under CC 2.0

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