A New Year Resolution To Make You Healthy, Happy, Attractive and SAVE MONEY?

Happy new year! It is January the 1st which often means that people are setting themselves some goals for the coming year. You could decide to save money, run a half marathon, lose weight, or reduce drinking. OR why don’t you take on one of the BEST POSSIBLE NEW YEARS RESOLUTION that will save you thousands, make you happy, and make you more attractive?

You guessed it, I am talking about brushing at least twice a day every day this year (I mean this is a dentistry blog :D). By simply making the decision to start brushing twice a day, every day this year – you could easily make a huge difference in your life. Find out below exactly what brushing twice daily could do for you this year!

Why Would Brushing Twice Daily Do For You?

  1. You’ll instantly be more attractive. No joke! – A beautiful smile lights up a face. Having clean teeth and healthy gums means you can confidently smile.
  2. You will save money in the long run. Clean teeth are less likely to decay or break. A few extra minutes a week brushing will save most people thousands by preventing costly damage
  3. Your healthier gums may improve your overall health – Gum disease is often associated with risks of other conditions like hearth troubles. By getting those gums back under control you may be be able to limit this!

So make this year the perfect 730 brushes – twice a day every single day! Track it, be proud of it – and if you mess up? Just pick it up the next day. Twice daily brushing is a lifetime sentence NO CHANCE OF PAROLE

Happy new year!


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