Australian Teeth Numbers Charts

Here are simple charts showing Australian teeth numbers. These are the numbers that dentists and doctors use to identify adult teeth. Check out the diagrams of teeth numbers Australia below!

Australian Teeth Numbers

australian teeth numbers
These are the numbers Australian dentists use to number teeth


Check left and right and match it to the markings on the tooth chart. Please note that everyone has all the molar teeth. This is because many people have had their wisdom teeth extracted (18, 28, 38, 48).

What about kids teeth?

Kids teeth are numbered differently in Australia. See the diagram below to see what Aussie dentists use to identify kids teeth. Double check whether it is on the left or right!

australian teeth numbers for baby teeth
Australian baby teeth numbers

Sometimes both adult teeth and kids teeth will be present in the mouth at the same time. This can mean the tooth numbers from both charts are mixed together.

International Tooth Numbers

I put together a post that explains the two different systems that dentists use all around the world to number teeth. It’s worth a read check it out here! Most countries the world uses the same numbers as Australia.

Questions About Australian Teeth Numbers

If you have questions about Australian teeth numbers you can post a comment below!

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