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My Top Teeth Cleaning Before and After Photos Famous on the Internet

When you work in dental like us you spend a lot of time seeing teeth both before and after cleans. Sometimes the transformation photos can be mind blowing! Working in dental can be pretty fun just to see the difference simple treatment can make for patients within the space of half an hour!

For those of us who are teeth people – mouth maniacsenamel enthusiastcleaning connoisseursplaque detesters – a great before and after tooth cleaning image is the best.

Instagram and Pinterest have shown that you don’t need to work as a dentist, assistant or hygienist to enjoy a good before and after cleaning picture!

There are hundreds of hideously satisfying before and after pictures on the internet – and without further ado I present the best five internet famous before and after cleaning teeth photos I have found!

before and after teeth clean
Smokers and tea and coffee drinkers often have lots of stain on their teeth. Often only a professional clean can remove all of the stain!

What Are They Removing?

The dentist is removing tartar – also known as calculus. It is plaque (soft furry bacteria) that has hardened onto the teeth. Here is has formed above and beneath the gum line and looks terrible and irritates the gum tissues.

Once tartar or calculus has formed – only a professional can remove it in a process called scaling. Your dentist does this often and its surpisingly easy!

This photo shared widely on Pinterest shows the difference a deep clean can make! The red and inflamed gums on the After side will settle down now that the bacteria and tartar has been removed. What a difference!

Does It Hurt To Have Teeth Cleaning?

Tooth cleaning can sometimes hurt if there is this much build up or if the teeth are sensitive to cold or air. The good news is that when I see patients like this – it is easy to offer numbing or happy gas which makes the procedure not hurt at all.

teeth cleaning before after transformation
Teeth Cleaning Before and After. What a difference a good clean and tartar removal makes!

I never want ugly teeth like this – what can I do?

Teeth that have lots of calculus and plaque build up are considered any most to be quite unattractive. The rough build up tends to trap lots of extra stain too and make the teeth change colour.

As well as not looking good – the build up can also trap stinky bacteria that give bad breath! Ion fact it is well known that one of the main causes of bad breath is build up on teeth.

Avoiding this level of calcified build up is pretty simple. It all boils down to brushing and flossing. First – concentrate on bushing twice per day for about two minutes. This stops a lot of the plaque from forming and transforming into the calculus and tartar you can see in the photos above.

Before and after calculus removal. What a difference! Can see why these satisfying images go viral.

Secondly – flossing or using a cleaning device in between the teeth can really stop the total  amount of build up that form in these areas. The more often you clean the better the outcome!

A mouth rinse OR a salt water rinse may help keep your gums less inflamed also. Check out these instructions on how to make salt water rinse properly at home.

What Does It Looks Like To Have Teeth Cleaned?

Most teeth cleaning is a pain-free and usually quick trip to your dentist. We recommend six monthly scale and cleans to most patients to keep the build up from getting bad.

If you have a more extreme type of scale build up like the picture below – the procedure can take a little longer, require some numbing, or even some happy gas. Check out the video below of how one dentist gently cleans even the biggest amounts of build up!

This YouTube video shows a few minutes of extreme calculus removal. Gross or awesome?

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