Parents Try Out This Elmo Brushing Teeth Song

Elmo really says it all in this Elmo brushing teeth song video – everyone has to brush their teeth to keep them healthy! Remember for most people – 2 minutes twice a day is a good guideline!

Elmo is joined by Nicole Kidman and Bruno Mars – who also want to remind kids to brush their teeth. Good work promoting oral health in an interesting way by the team at Sesame Street.

Elmo Brushing Teeth Song

Cheers to the folk at Sesame Street for making this wonderful Elmo brushing teeth song video! Hope it comes in handy for lots of parents. And remember, you should start cleaning your kids teeth as soon as they come through. You can check out the ADA (American Dental Association’s) guide to starting to clean baby teeth here.

Elmo Brushing Teeth Pop-Up Book

[amalinkspro type=”image-link” asin=”0794440630″ associate-id=”teethada-20″ new-window=”true” addtocart=”false” nofollow=”true” alt=”Sesame Street Ready, Set, Brush! A Pop-Up Book”]https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/51JdYYcFmTL._SL160_.jpg[/amalinkspro]

This Elmo Pop-up book about brushing teeth has 4.5 stars on Amazon with over 100 reviews! Lots of the comments state how surprised they were at how helpful the book was to help convince their children to brush.

Even monsters need to brush their teeth to keep them healthy and strong. Elmo, Zoe, and their friends from Sesame Street show kids how easy it is to care for their teeth in Ready, Set, Brush! Flaps to open, wheels to turn, and fun pop-ups help illustrate elements of oral hygiene: applying toothpaste, brushing, rinsing, and regular visits to the dentist. Learning to brush has never been so much fun!

It is reccomended for children aged 2-5, some of the most difficult ages to convince kids to brush.


elmo brushing teeth song
Elmo polishing his shiny set of teeth. Twice a day every day Elmo!

Entire Elmo’s World Episode About Teeth!

There was an entire Elmo’s World episode about teeth. If your child is really interested – get them to watch this! It all starts with a dream Elmo has – then his goldfish (Dorothy) wants to know how you take care of your teeth. Elmo sets about answering the question about how to brush your teeth!

He deos get waylaid a few times though… then Elmo’s friend shares all the information about a trip to the dentist.

Elmo’s friend Nicholas tells Elmo all about his first trip to the dentist. The dentist tells him he has twenty teeth and uses a camera to show him what they look like on a small TV.

Elmo Brushing Teeth Game

The Sesame Street team have also put out an interactive game that has Elmo helping encourage kids to brush their teeth! Kids should be supervised the brush their teeth at least twice per day. The battle is sometimes hard fought – even from a young age! The game is available in app stores on Google Play or iTunes. You can get the general gist of how basic the game is thought by watching this video.

Old Version of Elmo Brushing Teeth Video

Way back when (remember Elmo has been around for decades!) Elmo also recored this somewhat annoying song with a singing tooth. It doesn’t really hold up much of a candle to the new shiny Elmo pop song above! Watch for yourself and see why it has quite a few dislikes for being so annoying!

The official puppet name of this tooth is “Wisdom Tooth”.

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