Why do I have a smelly tooth? How can I fix stop it smelling?

A smelly tooth or bad breath can be terrible thing to endure, and also to inflict on others! Whether you have noticed it yourself or it has gotten to the stage that someone else has commented, there are plenty of reasons why a tooth may smell bad.

Why do I have a smelly tooth?

1. The tooth has started to decay

If the tooth has stated to decay there are bad bacteria that are eating away at enamel (outside layer) and inner layers of the tooth. This is one of the most common causes of a smelly tooth. Decay is important to get fixed by a dentist before it gets worse!

2. The tooth is not clean and there is bacteria build up

If the tooth or gums are not clean there is bacteria on the tooth that can smell very bad. The bacteria will smell till you get the tooth cleaned well!

3. Food is getting caught in the guns or tooth (especially wisdom teeth)

If food is getting caught you need to figure it why and help prevent it or learn to clean the area. Your dentist will be able to see if the food is getting caught in a tooth, in the gums, or between the teeth or gums. There are plenty of tips to clean tricky spots that your dentist or hygienist can share!

4. There is an infection of the tooth or under the tooth

If there is an infection, either from decay causing abscess or the gums being infected / you will often get a pungent taste or smell. This is important to be seen to by a dentist so if you suspect this seek help soon!

5. There is gum disease which can be very smelly

Good old fashioned gum disease also can have a distinct taste or odour. If you start noticing a smell and are worried about gum disease, it could be a sign it is getting worse. Keep up your oral hygiene and see a dentist or hygienist.

reasons you might have a smelly tooth
How could a smelly tooth be treated

It really depends on which type of problem causing the tooth to smell. Book in to see your dentist and they will let you know about the. following options to fix the smell. Step one is clean all your teeth well including inbetween the teeth. Even consider if an alcohol-free mouth rinse is right for you and then visit your dentist to identify the cause of the smell!

Possible Fixes For A Smelly Tooth

1. Teeth and gum cleaning

2. A filling to fix smelly decay in a tooth

3. A root canal to fix an infected tooth where the nerve is involved

4. An extraction or tooth removal in some cases

5. Wisdom tooth removal

6. Training in how to clean certain areas. Good example using small brushes to clean tricky areas

Whatever the cause of the smelly toth is, start off by cleaning your teeth well and if the smelly tooth problem persists see your dentist!

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