Why Dentists Ask Questions When They Have Instruments In Your Mouth?

you have to wonder why dentists ask questions to the patient with dental tools in their mouth

Why dentists ask questions when they are working on your teeth and they know you can’t reply? I get asked this a lot and often see jokes about it on Facebook.

All dentists know that you can’t always answer straight away – I certainly don’t expect an immediate answer. Often patients wait for a break in procedure to answer or chat.

Read below 6 top reasons we (as dentists) will ask you questions when we know you can’t reply!

6 Reasons Why  Dentists Ask Questions When You Can’t Reply


  1. Dentists ask questions because we usually can understand you when you answer, even if you are mumbling. It takes years of practice but it’s actually fun once you develop the skill.

    Dentist: “So Ashley, what are your plans for the long weekend?”
    Patient: “Mmrph ung ehk grozzlenesh!”
    Dentist: “I love wake boarding too, great weather for it!”
    Patient: “Nyuk mya morph Myanmar.”
    Dentist: “Yes I completely agree.”

  2. Dentists ask questions to make sure that you are comfortable and not in pain. Although relaxed dental procedures are normal, not all aspects of dentistry are fun or relaxed for the patient. It is incredibly important that we make sure that you are comfortable. If you are in discomfort – speak up straight away!
  3. Dentists ask questions because we share a common interest. If you want to talk about food, football or snowboarding or local weather, or running, or dogs or… It is always great to meet someone who loves something we love!
  4. Dentists ask questions because we want to make sure you are not asleep. People do sometimes catch up on their Zzzz’s in the chair!
  5. Dentists ask questions To distract you from what we are doing. It can sometimes be best if you think about it less!
  6. Because dentists have a dark of dental humour and we find it amusing. 

you have go to why dentists ask questions with instruments in your mouth

Some of the reasons I listed are more tongue-in-cheek than others. But know that all dentists are aware that you can’t always answer straight away, and if there is an instrument, mirror, or even fingers in the way, if more comfortable you can just wait for a break in the procedure and avoid the mumbles altogether.

Hope this post helps answer why dentists ask questions when you can’t respond! Hope you enjoy our dental humour. If you think of any other reasons why dentists ask questions write below.

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