Australians Drink Way Too Many Sugary Drinks!

In Australia we drink way too much sugar! In fact we are in the top 10 countries in the entire world when it comes to daily average sugary drinks consumption. This is a huge problem because of the negative health effects of excess sugar consumption – and the extra decay that can effect our teeth!

This shocking truth has really been hammered home with the Australian Bureau of Statistics publishing figures that show that almost half (43%) of Australians over the age of two have a sugary drink each day.

…just under half (42%), or 9 million Australians aged 2 years and over, consumed Sweetened beverages on the day prior to interview; one-third of people (34%) consumed sugar-sweetened beverages and 10% consumed intense-sweetened beverages.

Sugary drinks can include soft drinks, sport drinks, juices and cordials. Be wary of the sugar content in your drinks during the warmer months!

Who drinks the most sugary drinks?

Interestingly, men in Australia consume more sugary drinks then women! And there is a much higher percentage of 2-18 year olds who have daily sugary drinks, compared with those 18 and older.

Overall, males were more likely to drink Sweetened beverages than females (46% compared with 38%).

Come on Australia – it is time to cut down on sugary drinks to protect our teeth and our waistlines.

Check out more sugary drink statistics here at the Australian Bureau of Statistics

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