How Many Wisdom Teeth Do People Have?

A wisdom tooth is the tooth most towards the back of the mouth. Wisdom teeth typically appear between the ages of 17-24. There is not always enough space for wisdom teeth. Often people experience pain, discomfort or infection from wisdom teeth. But how many wisdom teeth do we have?

How Many Wisdom Teeth Is Normal?

People often as how many wisdom teeth should they expect? Most adults have four wisdom teeth; one in each corner. Some adults however have fewer wisdom teeth – and some have extra! If someone has extra wisdom teeth these are called supernumerary teeth.

Answer: Four total, one in each corner of the mouth. (But some people have less or none, some have more.)

diagram of wisdom teeth helping to show how many wisdom teeth

How many wisdom teeth is the maximum?

The average adult has four wisdom teeth – and some have fewer. But in a few cases, people have extra (supernumerary) wisdom teeth. Personally I have seen up to double wisdom teeth in some patients. That’s a total of eight wisdom teeth! There are some extreme cases where people have even more. These are very rare though – and most adults know how many wisdom teeth they have – four.

xray showing how many wisdom teeth

Remember not all wisdom teeth need to be extracted – nature does not often give us pointless body features! There are however many factors of modern life that are leading to impaction, infection, and pain. These mean many people require wisdom tooth removal. Your best bet if you are wondering is to make a dental appointment and ask your dentist.

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