Salt Water Mouthwash How To Make and Benefits

salt water mouthwash can be a useful oral health tool
A salt water mouth wash can be a great tool for a healthy mouth

As a dentist I get quite a few questions about the benefits of rinsing with a salt water mouthwash. I routinely recommend a salt water mouth rinse after a few different kinds of dental treatment.

The simple salt water mouthwash (or ‘saline’ mouth rinse) can help following an extraction, surgery to the gums or tongue, or when something has broken in the mouth and is trapping food or is sharp.

How should you make salt water mouthwash?

Here is the best (and easiest) way to make salt water rinse

Step 1    Mix 1 teaspoon (5grams) of salt into 1 cup (250mL) of warm water

Step 2    Gently rinse as discussed with your dentist or doctor!

  • You don’t want to make it too salty – nothing is gained by making it saltier!
  • If it tastes like the ocean or makes you feel sick – check your recipe!
  • If the salt is not dissolving, make sure you are using warm water and have added the right amount

If you are rinsing with salt water for any of the above reasons, make sure you have had a chat with a dentist or general doctor and are receiving ongoing advice!

I live near the ocean – can’t I just be natural and use sea water?

The beauty of salt water mouthwash is that it is quite simple to make and helps promote healing while also being relatively sterile. Ocean water on the other hand…

As far as the human body is concerned, sea water is dirty. Keep it away from open wounds in the mouth. It is not worth deliberately exposing yourself to it.

Any other questions about rinsing with salt water mouthwash? You can buy premixed saline but good old boring table salt and tap water tend to do the trick.

About Dr Kit

Dr Kit is an Australian dentist who loves to talk teeth. From root canals to toothbrushing, veneers to flossing – teeth are fascinating! He actively treats his patient base full-time in a General Practice setting. Comment any questions!

6 thoughts on “Salt Water Mouthwash How To Make and Benefits

  1. Haha love the instructions on how to make salt water rinse. I’d say that it is unnecessary to have a recipe – but I found myself here by googling how to make salt water rinse! Is it okay to rinse with salt water everyday?

      • Hi Joeknows,

        Sure in some circumstances people could use something similar to Listerine, but for specific reasons or due to preference many people choose to salt water rinse.

        If you are taking moth rinse for a specific reason it might be a good idea to check with your Dentist what will work for you.

    • Hi Tahlia, I’m glad you’ve found something that works well for you. I don’t routinely recommend a daily salt water rinse, so it’s interesting to hear that it is helping you.


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