Please find everything you need to know if you would like to contribute to TeethFAQ.

For the most part, I am open to contributors to our teeth blog. Typically I ask a fellow dentist of health writer who I know personally to contribute. You could also get your foot in the door by pitching an idea about an article you would like to have featured on TeethFAQ.

Posts you pitch must be 100% original to TeethFAQ

No plagiarism – you must write all the content you submit yourself. Also, no self-plagiarism. Please don’t recycle old ideas or sentences foremother articles you have written.

You need to be a dentist, oral health professional, or health writer to contribute. If you fall outside this category let me know, however…

All content on is vetted. You really need to be a dentist, oral health professional (or student!) or health writer as if you are not it typically results in a lot more work for us to verify the accuracy of your work.

You can’t be pitching a product. If you are selling a specific product – this content is not of interest to us. We provide dental information and quality answers to dental and teeth questions. We don’t flog products without merit.

In your bio you need to disclose your qualification or experience – and provide a link to your website or business so out readers can see you are legit.

More info before you post on TeethFAQ

  • Articles need to be at least 700 words. Posts of 1000-1400 words are strongly preferred.
  • We will promote your post on our popular Instagram and Pinterest pages – and the more detailed the content is the more love you will get on socials.
  • ALL posts need to have external links to relevant resources that support the article
  • All links must be medical or dental or oral health related
  • Providing an image for the article will be strongly favourable
  • Links to external sites will be do follow – but we do reserve the right to change this to no follow at our discretion at any time. This never happens, but we reserve the right to do so.
  • Always keen to hear from dentists or dental students who want to guest blog.

If you would like to contribute, please submit your interest by the contact us form. It’s mutually beneficial – and we typically reply quickly.