I made a Tooth Crush Game App for iPhone and Android!

Hi guys, if you look in the side bar you might notice I am promoting a free fun dental game I made! It’s called TOOTH CRUSH.


The aim of Tooth Crush is to smash as many of the cute flying teeth as possible! You can get high scores and combinations as well.

I’m an Australian dentist who just wanted to make something a little bit different for the app store for those of us who loves teeth but want something a little badass.

I’d love for you to check it out on the iTunes App Store



Or on the Google Play Android Store


Love to hear what you think! What are your high scores? Would you suggest it to anxious patients to relax with in the dental waiting room.

Good luck with the teeth smashing and good luck to the dental students that visit this site!

About Kit

Dr Kit is an Aussie dentist who likes to talk teeth. From root canals to toothbrushing, veneers to flossing – teeth are fascinating and worth talking about! If you have a question about the mouth you'd like answered - submit it!

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