Why Dentists Ask Questions When They Have Instruments In Your Mouth?

you have to wonder why dentists ask questions to the patient with dental tools in their mouth

Why dentists ask questions when they are working on your teeth and they know you can’t reply? I get asked this a lot and often see jokes about it on Facebook.

All dentists know that you can’t always answer straight away – I certainly don’t expect an immediate answer. Often patients wait for a break in procedure to answer or chat.

Read below 6 top reasons we (as dentists) will ask you questions when we know you can’t reply!

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Australians Drink Way Too Many Sugary Drinks!

Sugar content in UK sugary drinks

In Australia we drink way too much sugar! In fact we are in the top 10 countries in the entire world when it comes to daily average sugary drinks consumption. This is a huge problem because of the negative health effects of excess sugar consumption – and the extra decay that can effect our teeth!

This shocking truth has really been hammered home with the Australian Bureau of Statistics publishing figures that show that almost half (43%) of Australians over the age of two have a sugary drink each day.

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Are Dental X-Rays Safe? See These Diagrams

Radiation of all kinds can cause damage to the body’s tissues and cells, and can lead to the development of abnormal cell development or cancer. People often wonder are dental x-rays safe. However the dose of radiation required for dental x-rays is extremely small. This is fantastic news as it is certainly sensible to keep our exposure to x-ray radiation ALARP (As Low As Reasonably Possible).


are dental bitewing x-rays safe
A common dental x-ray known as a “bitewing”

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Australian Teeth Numbers Charts

Here are simple charts showing Australian teeth numbers. These are the numbers that dentists and doctors use to identify adult teeth. Check out the diagrams of teeth numbers Australia below!

Australian Teeth Numbers

australian teeth numbers
These are the numbers Australian dentists use to number teeth


Check left and right and match it to the markings on the tooth chart. Please note that everyone has all the molar teeth. This is because many people have had their wisdom teeth extracted (18, 28, 38, 48).

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Why Do Some Kids Get More Teeth Trauma?

Trauma to the primary (kids) teeth is very common. In fact almost one in three kids will experience trauma by the age of six. For the primary teeth both buys and girls have the same risk of damaging their teeth. There are other factors however that can increase the risk that a child will experience tooth damage.

Children are most likely to experience trauma to the primary (baby) teeth between 2-4 years old.

The reasons a child might  be more likely to experience dental trauma

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