Six Best Celebrity Teeth Before and After Dental Makeovers

Niall horan before and after braces and dental work

People love celebrities. We like many things about them, we even like their teeth! Celebrity teeth and before and after celebrity dental makeovers are very popular and many people want to see before and after celebrity dental work. Whether its braces, invisalign, tooth whitening, veneers or even implants – the before and afters of celebrity teeth can be astonishing!

Celebrity Teeth Makeovers

I thought I would combine some of the best celebrity dental work to help celebrate the important effect a nice smile can have on even an already famous face.

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Can You Straighten Teeth Without Braces?

Orthodontics (tooth straightening) and braces have improved a great deal since the days of the old school metal braces. So can we straighten teeth without braces?

Traditional metal braces are still one of the most common options used by dentists and orthodontist to straighten teeth. But you might be interested to know that though there are a few other ways that teeth can appear straighter.

Options to straighten teeth without braces

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Best Valentine’s Day Teeth Images for Social Media

valentines love teeth love heart hands

Valentine’s Day (like pretty much every holiday) is a great time to promote healthy teeth and a beautiful smile. Whether just you just want to let your patients know you care, or want to celebrate being a tooth lover with other tooth lovers, check out some of the best Valentine’s Day teeth funny images I could find. My favourite is the x-ray with the love heart teeth!

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How Many Wisdom Teeth Do People Have?

how many wisdom teeth

A wisdom tooth is the tooth most towards the back of the mouth. Wisdom teeth typically appear between the ages of 17-24. There is not always enough space for wisdom teeth. Often people experience pain, discomfort or infection from wisdom teeth. But how many wisdom teeth do we have?

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I made a Tooth Crush Game App for iPhone and Android!

Hi guys, if you look in the side bar you might notice I am promoting a free fun dental game I made! It’s called TOOTH CRUSH.


The aim of Tooth Crush is to smash as many of the cute flying teeth as possible! You can get high scores and combinations as well.

I’m an Australian dentist who just wanted to make something a little bit different for the app store for those of us who loves teeth but want something a little badass.

I’d love for you to check it out on the iTunes App Store



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A New Year Resolution To Make You Healthy, Happy, Attractive and SAVE MONEY?

Happy new year! It is January the 1st which often means that people are setting themselves some goals for the coming year. You could decide to save money, run a half marathon, lose weight, or reduce drinking. OR why don’t you take on one of the BEST POSSIBLE NEW YEARS RESOLUTION that will save you thousands, make you happy, and make you more attractive?

You guessed it, I am talking about brushing at least twice a day every day this year (I mean this is a dentistry blog :D). By simply making the decision to start brushing twice a day, every day this year – you could easily make a huge difference in your life. Find out below exactly what brushing twice daily could do for you this year!

Why Would Brushing Twice Daily Do For You?

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