Funny Wisdom Teeth Photos To Share With Someone Who Had Surgery

Wisdom teeth (the third molars) are often impacted. Lots of people need to have surgery to get their wisdom teeth removed. Here are some funny wisdom teeth images and memes you could share with a family member or friend who is recovering after their surgery. Humour can be the best medicine*!

Funny Wisdom Teeth Images

Share these with a recovering friend!

Funny wisdom tooth x-ray images

Troll wisdom tooth causing troubles as it is impacted.

Funny wisdom teeth images x-ray

My favourite funny wisdom tooth image sums up the situation well. Wisdom teeth: not that wise.


grumpy cat-wisdom tooth funny wisdom teeth

To be fair grumpy cat was grumpy before.

wisdom teeth funny memes

More research is required.


wisdom teeth funny

Horizontally impacted wisdom teeth look very funny on x-ray films. You can tell that something is not quite (up) right!



This image is awesome, I wish I could find the artist who originally made this funny wisdom teeth image. If you know please comment!

An awesome series of infographics created by super chlorine can be seen here. (Not a dentist but very amusing and seem accurate).

Why Do People Have Wisdom Teeth Out?

Here are a few quick reasons why people need to have their wisdom teeth taken out.

  1. The wisdom teeth might be damaging other teeth
  2. There might not be enough space in your mouth. This can effect tooth alighment.
  3. The wisdom teeth have decay
  4. Inflamed gums caused by the wisdom teeth
  5. Sinus problems or jaw damage caused by wisdom teeth impaction


There are many questions about wisdom teeth that people have. Does everyone have wisdom teeth? Does everyone need them extracted? I will make an effort to answer them soon. If you think of any general FAQ about wisdom teeth – post below in the comments!

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  1. Hello Kit,
    Still laughing for cute wisdom teeth images.
    It was terrible experience with my wisdom teeth when i was 24. I had to take out my wisdom teeth that time .
    n.b : If you need funny or wisdom teeth art, let me know,
    i can do for you


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