Parents Try Out This Elmo Brushing Teeth Song

Elmo really says it all in this Elmo brushing teeth song video – everyone has to brush their teeth to keep them healthy! Remember for most people – 2 minutes twice a day is a good guideline!

Elmo is joined by Nicole Kidman and Bruno Mars – who also want to remind kids to brush their teeth. Good work promoting oral health in an interesting way by the team at Sesame Street.

Cheers to the folk at Sesame Street for making this wonderful Elmo brushing teeth song video! Hope it comes in handy for lots of parents. And remember, you should start cleaning your kids teeth as soon as they come through. You can check out the ADA (American Dental Association’s) guide to starting to clean baby teeth here.

elmo brushing teeth song
Elmo polishing his shiny set of teeth. Twice a day every day Elmo!

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  1. Wow what a good video. Sesame street really know how to appeal to my kids. I will try this tonight to see if it helps them brush their teeth

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