6 Natural Cures For Bad Breath

No-one likes stinky bad breath. However we will all experience it at some point in our lives! In fact almost 35-45% of us have bad breath chronically (all the time) according to the boffins at the Bad Breath Institute (source)

When you are dating – having bad breath is one of the biggest “turn-offs” according to a post shared by the dating website Match.com. They cite a study that says a majority of young people have pulled out of a kiss or “intimate moment” because the other person had bad breath! Wow!

There are many causes of bad breath – most commonly they are issues with dental health, like infections of the gums or teeth. Certain foods and medicines also can cause bad breath. See all the causes here.

There are several mainstream ways to cure bad breath, see this list of Six Things To Do If You Have Bad Breath for details.

But today I wanted to share some the natural ways that some people are using foods and nature to control or cure their bad breath. Some of these options are also said to take normal breath and make them smell BETTER than average!

Six Natural Cures For Bad Breath

Want to avoid harsh chemical but also keep a “fresh” “kiss ready” mouth? Here are Eight natural ways that some people use to keep their breath smelling great.

  1. The magic of fibre – eat more apples!
    • Green or Red: it doesn’t matter. Eating a crisp apple will act as a sweet smelling natural toothbrush! The fruit will clean your teeth and take away a lot of the stinky bacteria (plaque) that cause bad breath
    • It doesn’t just have to be apples, other crunchy vegetables or fibre rich food like celery or capsicum will work also as kickass natural toothbrushes.reasons you might have a smelly tooth
  2. Drink more water – hydrate to operate team
    • If you are dehydrated – your breath will be worse. The lack of saliva will cause the bad stinky bacteria to multiply.
    • Solve this problem by upping your water intake and staying on top of your hydration.
    • Consider this especially after exercise, sport, or yard work!
  3. Vegetables in general – make your Mom proud and improve your overall health
    • Some people say that fatty foods will break down and cause ketones (a by-product of digestion). They say that these then cause bad breath by lurking in your stomach and causing bad odour
    • So fix your breath from within (your stomach) by eating healthy foods that help with digestion and keep those ketones at bay
  4. Kill the Caffiene – Cut the coffee 
    • This is a tough on for coffee lovers like myself f- but if you are having trouble with your breath you should decrease your caffeine intake as much as possible
    • Caffiene is a kickass stimulant, but the smell, acids and additives are a nightmare for your already stinky breath. Skip them till you get the situation under control
    • If you are going to use juices as a replacement, consider the sugar content
  5. Chew on mint leaves
    • It is like natural chewing gum! Masks any bad odour.
    • Chewing on mint leaves does replace the odour with a peppery mint odour though. Will this be the lesser of two evils for you?
  6. Chew on parsley leaves (for the brave)
    • If you are brace enough to chew on raw parsley leaves, you will be in for a breath boost!👌🏽
    • Parsely contains natural chemicals that fight against the sulfur causes of bad breath
    • If you are struggling with bad breath this is the main tip to give a go.
  7. Probiotics for gut health
    • Don’t let odours start in your stomach – maintain your gut health and balance to eliminate this cause of bad breath
  8. Use a tongue scraper
    • Ok a tongue scraper is not a natural food – but it is a simple easy and holistic way to clear away stinky tongue bacteria. Strongly recommend !

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