When does Invisalign stop hurting?

Invisalign pain girl smile

People often wonder when when does Invisalign stop hurting? The answer is different for everyone – and also changes depending on the type of Invisalign pain experienced. The good news is, the vast majority of Invisalign pain is easily remedied and passes within 48 hours or less.

Does Invisalign Hurt

Invisible braces like Invisalign are used to move teeth to give you a better smile. Just like traditional braces, Invisalign can give discomfort as your teeth move into their better position.

So yes, Invisalign does hurt. However..

“tooth movement pain or discomfort is a sign that the Invisalign treatment is working

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Parents Try Out This Elmo Brushing Teeth Song

Elmo really says it all in this Elmo brushing teeth song video – everyone has to brush their teeth to keep them healthy! Remember for most people – 2 minutes twice a day is a good guideline!

Elmo is joined by Nicole Kidman and Bruno Mars – who also want to remind kids to brush their teeth. Good work promoting oral health in an interesting way by the team at Sesame Street.

Elmo Brushing Teeth Song

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Top 21 Funniest Wisdom Teeth Memes

The third set of molars are known as the Wisdom teeth. Despite their name, these teeth can be downright stupid – and can grow impacted or out of position. It is very common for people to need to have their wisdom teeth removed by a dentist or oral surgeon. Ouch!

I have put together a collection of wisdom tooth memes submitted via Instagram as the TOP 20 Wisdom Teeth Memes – share with a friend who is recovering! Humour can be the best medicine*** (and salt water rinse and soft foods and painkillers).

Wisdom teeth are famous all around the world as they cause all kinds of trouble. Having wisdom teeth out is one of the most common surgeries people can have – particularly in the mouth. Because wisdom teeth are in the mouth, they can be uncomfortable to recover from after you have had them out – hopefully this list of memes will make you or your loved on feel better while they recover!

If you are suffered with an impacted wisdom tooth you may have had on and off discomfort, pain or smell from your wisdom teeth for months or years before they are removed. What a frustrating set of teeth!

Not everyone needs their wisdom teeth out though – some of us have enough space and the wisdom teeth will grow in normally. They can be perfectly good teeth! When there is enough space.


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6 Natural Cures For Bad Breath

smelly tooth bad breath

No-one likes stinky breath. However we will all experience it at some point in our lives! In fact almost 35-45% of us have bad breath chronically (all the time) according to the boffins at the Bad Breath Institute (source)

When you are dating – having bad breath is one of the biggest “turn-offs” according to a post shared by the dating website Match.com. They cite a study that says a majority of young people have pulled out of a kiss or “intimate moment” because the other person had bad breath. Eww!

Today I wanted to share some the natural ways that some people are using foods and nature to control or cure their bad breath. Some of these options are also said to take normal breath and make them smell BETTER than average!

If you have morning breath or stink breath in general, it may help to look beyond the mouth rinse and super strength toothpaste and try out a natural cure for bad breath.

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Do I need To Keep Invisalign Trays Once They Are Done?

do i need to keep invisalign trays

People often stockpile their old Invisalign aligners trays just as a habit. But do they need to keep Invisalign trays and for how long?

Clear aligners are one of the most popular new types of braces used to straighten teeth. Invisalign is the most recognised international brand that dentists use to provide clear aligners braces. But do you need to keep your Invisalign trays after you move to the next set?

Do I Keep Invisalign Trays?

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Wisdom Tooth Extraction Video

wisdom tooth extraction video

Wisdom teeth are the third molars found at the back of the mouth. They are typically the slowest to develop of all the teeth and can appear at any time from 16-24 (though some people fall outside this range!)

Not everyone has wisdom teeth! Some people are lucky enough to be born without them – or have less than the four in total.

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Video Showing How White Fillings Are Done

White plastic fillings can be used to replace existing traditional silver fillings, improve the colour or shape of a tooth, close happy spaces between front teeth, and ‘invisibly’ fix a broken tooth.

Check out this video showing how a dentist places a white filling. White fillings as also known as “plastic fillings” “composite resin” and “resin fillings”. They are common and can be very strong!

Check out how steps are involved in making a white filling. We place more layers to help customise the shape and strength of the filling.

It generally takes longer to place a composite filling than it does for a metal filling. This is because white fillings require the tooth be kept clean and absolutely dry while the cavity is being filled – otherwise they don’t last!

No filling lasts forever, and white fillings are just one way that a dentist can fill a tooth.

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