Vitamins For Teeth – Healthy Gums and Strong Enamel

Five Home Remedies and Vitamins for Healthy Teeth, Gums, and Strong enamel

We all know how important it is to maintain proper mouth nutrition. We do not want the embarrassment of bad mouth odor to our friends or colleagues. Brushing and flossing and important, but your mouth requires specific nutrients and vitamins for teeth health.

There is more to healthy teeth and mouth nutrition than meets the eye. Despite its role in overall body health, the mouth’s condition is often overlooked. The importance and benefits of nutrients and vitamins is often overlooked as part of looking after teeth. Brushing and flossing is very important, and the majority of people with poor overall health do not take keen interest in maintaining high standards of hygiene. 

If you want to keep you overall body health, your mouth hygiene is an important part of the process. It is easy to attain the healthy smile you need if you follow a few nutrition and vitamin guidelines. Here are some of the beneficial vitamins and minerals you need to learn to improve your oral health.

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Salt Water Mouthwash How To Make and Benefits

A simple salt water mouth rinse (also known as a saline mouth rinse) can be very beneficial for the mouth and oral health. As an Australian trained practicing dentist, I routinely recommend a salt water mouth rinse after a few different kinds of dental treatment.

The simple salt water mouthwash can help following an extraction, surgery to the gums or tongue, or when something has broken in the mouth and is trapping food or is sharp.

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